Wills / Estate

Wills / Estate refers to intergenerational transfer of wealth. It would be greatly desired by every individual to leave behind his assets in the right hands. It is important to write a WILL and clearly mention the distribution of his wealth. After all you would want your loved ones to live in harmony without squabbling over the distribution of assets.

Please Remember:

If you have nominated someone in a financial product, then its ownership does not automatically pass to Him / Her.
Nominee is not a legal heir.
Since you will not be around to ensure distribution, specify executor of WILL.
Though, legally WILL does not require to be registered / notarised / on stamp paper, a registered WILL eliminates chances of litigation to a very great extent.
You can change WILL at any time.

We at OmApex strongly believe that every individual should have a well defined succession plan so that the wealth created by one generation is trasmitted to the next generation seamlessly. For customised Wills, Succession & Estate Planning we have a team of highly experienced and reputed Lawyers and Chartered Accountants who will work closely with our investor, understand his requirements and workout a comprehensive and customised solution.